Cholera Platform

Against cholera

Strategy : "Shield and Sword"

The West and Central Africa Cholera Platform is gathering the main WASH and Health actors involved in the fight against cholera in the region including but not restricted to ACF, ACTED, ALIMA, ECHO, IFRC, MSF, OCHA, UNICEF, WHO. Its objective is to improve cholera control and prevention in the region through the promotion of an integrated and targeted approach known as the “shield and sword strategy”. The strategy is developed as a risk-informed and evidence-based approach, through continued operational researches and pluri-disciplinary studies that supports growing knowledge and efficiency in cholera preparedness, emergency response and long term intervention. Epidemiologists, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene specialists, health professionals, anthropologists, and community mobilization specialists are coming together to join efforts, strengths and expertise. This approach ensures the integration and close collaboration of various professionals and experts toward the achievement of one common goal: the fight against cholera epidemic toward its elimination.”

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