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Regional shield and sword strategy

The shield and sword strategy in emergency response


The Shield and Sword strategy was developed by UNICEF’s West Africa Regional Office following the pilot projects implemented in the DRC[1] (2006) and Guinea (2009). It is defined as follows:
“The sword strategy is an intervention in the epidemic phase, as of the confirmation of the first cases, based on advance preparation that allows for a short delay in response time and excellent reactivity for an early response in affected zones. The shield strategy is characterized by sustainable preventive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene interventions outside of epidemic periods in the priority areas defined as being specifically at risk for cholera”.[2]

Note: The shield strategy is also implemented during emergency situations and its aim is to prevent the spread of outbreaks by protecting populations not yet affected

[1]Democratic Republic of Congo
[2]Water, Sanitation and Hygiene And Cholera Epidemiology: An Integrated Evaluation in the countries of the Lake Chad Basin UNICEF, 2010

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