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Ghana : Situation Report on Cholera Outbreak 10 November 2016


  • Total caseload: 292 cases with no death (epi curve extracted from the sitep).
  • Twenty-four (24) new cases of cholera were reported from Cape Coast on 10 November 2016. The apparent upsurge in cholera incidence observed over the weekend has persisted throughout the week. The epi-centre of the outbreak has moved to the environs of Cape Coast University including student halls and hostels.
  • An emergency Development Partners (DPs) meeting was held on Thursday 10 November 2016 at UNICEF House. The Head of Disease Surveillance Department, Ghana Health Service and WHO Epidemiologist updated the DPs on the status of cholera outbreak in Cape Coast and presented the national cholera response plan. A number of DPs committed to provide financial, logistical and technical support towards the cholera response.


The sitrep is describing the response and activities on the ground.

Major gaps highlighted

  • The single overriding challenge is lack of operational funds to expand the coverage of the interventions.
  • Lack of cholera bed remains a gap


  • Conclusion and Next Steps

    The cholera outbreak in Cape Coast Metropolitan is showing tendency of increasing despite the interventions being implemented. This therefore calls for intensified outbreak containment measures in terms of coverage and quality.