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Ghana - High priority area / hotspots

20 health districts are considered high risk area for cholera, it represents 18% of the 110 health districts in the country.11 are type 1 and 9 type 2.
Ghana is affected by cross-border outbreaks mainly from Nigeria and Togo, especially along the Guinea coast. Main outbreaks were reported in the densely populated regions of Greater Accra and Ashanti, and in bordering coastal regions.

Livelihood groups

Migrant fishermen communities traveling to coastal countries along the Guinean gulf;
Traders and bus drivers on the coastal road Accra–Lagos.
Densely populated informal settlements in Accra (slums),
home of commercial traders from neighboring countries.


Food and water sachets vendors in Accra;
Movement of workers between Eastern region and Great Accra region
Trade and movement of workers between Volta region (Ketu district) and Togo (Lomé D4 and Golfe districts).

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