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About the Regional Cholera Platform in West and Central Africa


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The Regional Cholera Platform in West and Central Africa (WCA) was launched in 2012 to facilitate and systematize information sharing between neighboring countries, and gain a better understanding of where and why cholera epidemics take place.
Today, the Regional Cholera Platform in WCA brings together the main actors from many organizations involved in the fight against cholera in West and Central Africa (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene specialists, epidemiologists, health professionals, social scientists, and many more from NGO, UN, research institutions, cooperation agencies, etc.).

The Platform takes part in the global effort toward cholera elimination through the operationalization of a regional multisectoral and evidence-based strategy that aims to prevent, stop, or mitigate the spread of cholera, and through the coordination of the multiple actors involved.

In the past years, the Platform has successfully contributed to the fight against cholera in the region through activities such as the identification of cholera hotspots, the diffusion of cross-border alerts, technical trainings of hundreds of actors engaged locally in cholera response, or support for the development of national guidance on cholera prevention and control.

Thumbnail    Highlights: DR Congo : The provinces of North Kivu, South Kivu and Tanganyika recorded 90% of cholera cases. The city of Goma continues to record new cases (133 cases during the week 34, over 80% of cases in the province). The persistence of cases in Goma remains a source of major concern in an area...
Thumbnail Highlights: DR Congo: The provinces of South Kivu, North Kivu and Tanganyika recorded 86% of cholera cases in Week 33. The city of Goma continues to record most of the cases. Benin: New cases of cholera continue to be recorded for seven consecutive weeks, mainly in the health districts of Cotonou,...
Thumbnail Highlights:  DR Congo: North Kivu registered more than 200 cases of cholera during week 31 of which nearly 63.5% in the city of Goma alone. Ebola which also has a negative impact on the cholera outbreak (weak mobilization of the actors of fight, random surveillance, etc.). Benin: Cholera is still...
Thumbnail Highlights: Lake Chad Bassin: see bulletin page 2 DR Congo: Cases of cholera remain concentrated in the provinces of North Kivu (156) and South Kivu (102). Note a disturbing resurgence of cholera in Kinshasa and Bas Congo. The cholera outbreaks in Kasai have still not been in control. Liberia: Six (6)...

The Cholera platform Terms of Reference (ToR)

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                                      Objectives of cholera elimination by 2030 in West and central Africa region

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