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In 2015, cholera chain of transmission was evidently broken in the countries of West Africa. In the Lake Chad Basin, 5,469 cases including 195 deaths (Case Fatality Ratio of 3.6%) were reported, compared to 41,582 cases in 2014. In 2015, Nigeria, itself, notified 96% of the total cases. By the end of 2015, it was still affected by an outbreak occuring in Borno state. Cameroon, Niger and Chad were informed of the situation and conducted preventative activities, which likely contributed to prevent any further outbreaks and/or expansion.

In the South Guinea Gulf, cholera incidence was also very much reduced: 937 cases incl. 14 deaths in 2015, compared to the 30,395 in 2014. Ghana was still affected by the massive outbreak, started in 2014, and finally managed to control and stop the active transmission around W43 of 2015.

Countries in Central and East Africa have however been highly affected (notably DR-Congo by the end of the year 2015) and this situation, from which 2016 is starting, highlights the potential serious threats cholera epidemics still pose to most of the countries in West Africa.

2015 Regional updates