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Cholera and AWD outbreak bulletin in Eastern and Southern Africa, as of 10 December 2018, 17 Issue


10 out of the 21 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa Region (ESAR) have reported more than 36,820 cholera / AWD cases and 433 deaths (Case Fatality Rate, 1.2%), since the beginning of 2018. These countries include; Angola, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe accounts for 28.6 % (10,529) of the total case load reported this year, followed by Somalia at 17% (6,273).

Out of the 10 countries with reported cholera/ AWD outbreaks this year in ESAR, 4 (Zimbabwe, Angola, Somalia and Tanzania) have ongoing cholera outbreaks. During the week under review, Tanzania reported the highest number of new cases (193 cases including 1 death). Of the four countries with active transmission, Tanzania has recorded the highest CFR (at 1.8%) in 2018.

Tanzania: During week 48 (week ending 2 December 2018), 193 new cases including 1 death (CFR 0.5%) were reported. This includes 186 cases including 1 death detected in Songwe district and 7 new cases from Momba district. Cumulatively a total of 33,224 cases including 550 deaths have been reported in Tanzania mainland, as from August 2015. Of these, a total of 4,593 (13.8%) cases and 84 (15.3%) deaths have been reported since the beginning of 2018.

Zimbabwe: An increase in the epidemic trend has been noted in the last two weeks. During week 48, 144 new cases including 3 deaths (CFR, 2.1%) were reported compared to 31 cases reported in week 47 (week ending 25 November 2018). These new cases emerged from Harare (50) and Mt. Darwin district in Mashonaland Central (94 including 3 deaths). Cumulatively, a total of 10,529 cases including 64 deaths have been reported in 2018. Majority of these cases (98.3%, 10,352) and deaths (90.6%, 58) have been reported since the beginning of the new wave of the outbreak on 5 September 2018.

Somalia : During week 46 (week ending 18 November 2018), 27 new cases including 1 death (CFR, 3.7%) were reported from Banadir Region compared to 21 cases reported in week 45 (week ending 11 November 2018). Cumulatively a total of 6,678 cases including 45 deaths have been reported, as from December 2017. Of these, a total of 6,273 (93.9%) cases and 44 (97.8%) deaths have been reported since the beginning of 2018.

Angola: The latest wave of cholera outbreak which started during week 38 (week ending 23 September 2018) in Uige, has recorded a total of 210 cases including 3 deaths (CFR 1.4%) as of epidemiological week 48. Since the beginning of 2018, 1,167 cases including 18 deaths (CFR 1.5%) have been reported.