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Cholera: Situation in Central and West Africa - week S46 of 2016


Alert in Cameroun: 27 suspected cases notified from the Prison of Kribi. Samples were tested negative although issues in sampling were registered (lack of Cary-Blair and delays in transport – 4 days). No definitive conclusion can then be drawn upon these analyses.

Congo Basin: Significant incidence notified from Kongo Central (Gombe Matadi), and from the provinces of Taganyika (Kabalo, Kalemie, Nyemba), South Kivu (Fizi, Kimbi Lilenge) and Haut Katanga (Kilwa).

South Guinean Gulf Basin: Absence of ongoing transmission in Benin and in Lagos or Oyo (South Nigeria). High reduction of the transmission in Ghana in Cape Coast Metropolis (0 case as of Dec 1st) - Cumulative cases: 591 and 0 deaths. One (1) case was notified in Lower Denkyira district, Western region. Sixty percent [22/37] of various food samples obtained from 12 vendors in Cape Coast Metropolis isolated Vibrio cholera (Cape Coast Teaching Hospital laboratory). Meat and green leaves were the most commonly affected foods.

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