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Based on the situational analysis, the country should then establish a multi-sectoral coordination mechanism or national Cholera Program aligned with the 2030 Roadmap with the goal of control or elimination cholera. It should be inclusive of all relevant and sector-related ministries (e.g. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Water, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Local governments, Municipalities, etc.) stakeholders, and partners and coordinated at highest level. This program should have accountability of NCP implementation to the highest government stakeholder (e.g., Prime Minister, President).

The National Cholera Program will develop terms of reference (SOPs) that encourages the implementation of the multi-sectoral approach and outlines the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders and partners.The country should explore whether these supporting functions can be shared with other departments (e.g. diseases or initiatives). Countries currently experiencing protracted crises may wish to further adapt the coordination mechanism and its Global Roadmap goals.