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Guine bissau - High priority area / hotspots

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At-risk populations were located in the following zones :

  • The capital Bissau and its periphery: Nhacra, Safim, Bissora, Prabis and Quinhamel
  • The coast: Bubaque, Caravela, Caio, Cacheu, Canghungo, Saodomingos, Tite, Fulacungonda, Bedanda and Cati

High-risk populations and pratices

  • Seasonal fishing, processing and sale of seafood (Cacheu, Bijagos Islands, Tombali regions; Catio, Bedanba and Cacina sectors)
  • Senegalese and Guinean migrant fishermen
  • Seasonal farming work and commercial trade with neighboring coastal countries, primarily Guinea and Sierra Leone
  • Traditional animist ceremonies (e.g., funeral rituals)
  • Consumption of water sachets in the capital Bissau
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