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Nigeria - Rainy Season Contingency Plan, North-east Nigeria (April 2018)


Now in its ninth year, the crisis in north-east Nigeria has created vulnerabilities and humanitarian concerns. An estimated 7.7 million women, men, girls and boys are in acute need of protection and assistance. While the humanitarian community continues to provide life-saving assistance, it is expected that vulnerabilities in the north-east will become exacerbated during the rainy season from June to September 2018. This includes higher food insecurity and malnutrition, higher incidence of water-borne diseases (including cholera), poor hygiene and sanitation, destruction of shelters, as well as increased protection risks with restricted freedom of movement.

In addition, physical access is expected to become restricted due to impassable roads, making the operational environment more challenging, including the transportation of humanitarian cargo and personnel. In terms of conflict dynamics, the rainy season is generally accompanied by a reduction in military operations and clashes between armed actors, while the dry season is likely to see the start of fresh hostilities.

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