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Regional Strategy

A regional cholera strategy for MENA region

The reinforcement of the multi-sectoral cholera platforms at regional level is part of the timeline for the success of the global road map implementation. The MENA-EM cholera platform has to endorse the coordinator role between the different partners operating in this field at regional level in order to provide a coordinated support in terms of expertise, advocacy, resources mobilization and partnerships. The main axes are the following:

  • Axis 1: Early detection, preparedness and response to contain outbreaks
  • Axis 2: Prevention of disease occurrence by targeting multisectoral interventions in cholera hotspots
  • Axis 3: An effective knowledge exchange and information management at regional level

What are our added values

  • A strong commitment between WHO and UNICEF

The lead of the MENA platform is co-shared by WHO and UNICEF, that act as the main cluster lead agencies in the prevention and response of cholera epidemics: one as health cluster lead (WHO) and the other as Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) cluster lead. This strong partnership allows to cover a large range of activities that need to be done in coordination for a better efficiency.

  • An exceptional pool of multisectoral experts able to operate in real time in case of emergency

Many specialists already constitute to the pool of experts able to support the countries affected by cholera epidemics, on the behalf of the regional cholera platform. Among them, we have experts in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, epidemiologists, surveillance and immunization specialists, public health officers involved in the Health care system strengthening and experts in community engagement and risk communication.

  • Learning from successful experiences

Offering the possibility to share guidelines, field experiences, last updated tools, give a great opportunity to countries to develop their own material in taking lessons from neighborhood countries but as well in being informed of most up-to-date knowledge from recent research works done in similar contexts.

  • Solid partnership to coordinate actions

The main actors involved in the fight against cholera in the region are committed to be part of this regional cholera platform network. Among them, actors from International Federation, Non-Governmental Organizations, United Nations agencies, academic and research institutions. All institutions and local agencies working on this field can become member at any time.

  • Building local capacity along the way

With the involvement of local institutions and operational partners, it is possible to sustain a regional long-term capacity to respond and prevent cholera outbreaks. The reactive and in-depth support provided to the countries by regional and international experts, allow to sustain a long-term capacity of national officers operating in key positions of the health and environmental national systems.