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Sub-Regional Meeting on Scaling Up Accute Watery Diarrhea/ Cholera Preparedness and Response in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

The main objectives of the meeting included

  1. reviewing the current AWD/cholera situation and response in Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, and discussing challenges in the management of these outbreaks;
  2. addressing the concern of the Member States regarding the threat of cholera spreading beyond the currently affected countries and the required interventions;
  3. agreeing on a mechanism for information sharing among AWD/ cholera-affected
    countries, partners and neighboring countries within the region in order to minimize the spread within and outside
    countries; and
  4. providing Member States with main recommendations to enhance their preparedness capacities for the early detection, investigation and rapid response to potential importation of AWD/ cholera cases, including at points of entry as required under International Health Regulations (IHR 2005).