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SudanSudan has been facing waves of AWD/cholera outbreaks since 2016. The last one started on 28 August 2019 in the El Roseries locality of Blue Nile state (BN), before rapidly spreading to other BN localities as well as spilling over into Sennar state. A total of four states have been affected: Blue Nile, Sennar, Khartoum and Al Jazirah (WHO). The epidemic has been declared fully controlled on January 23rd. The previous one occurred in 2016 -2018, primarily affecting Kassala and Blue Nile states, it then spread to all 18 states across Sudan. Both waves of cholera outbreaks followed the rainy season. Both flooding and weekly number of cases of cholera, peaked in week 38 suggesting a convergence of various factors - rains, floods and contamination of water sources.


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Cholera Outbreak Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) 2019


UNICEF National road map: Sanitation for all in Sudan 2018


Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2014



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